You would be pleasantly surprised to know what Kajol thinks of Karan Johar’s baby boy Yash

You would be pleasantly overwhelmed to know what was the first thought that came to Kajol’s mind after seeing Karan Johar’s baby boy, Yash Johar. Don’t know about Roohi, but when Kajol saw Yash’s picture first, she was instantly reminded of Karan Johar’s late father, Yash Johar. Yes, that’s right! Much before she met Karan’s babies, she came across their first pictures and was fondly reminded of Karan’s father, Yash Johar. Aww, now isn’t that sweet? That’s the best compliment Karan must have got for his little munchkin till date!

Just recently we reported to you that Karan and Kajol, who were at loggerheads and had literally sworn to never even look at each other, have finally buried the hatchet and become friends again. Now that came as a huge shock! But isn’t it kinda obvious? Relationships are fickle in this industry…Equations between actors keep changing with each passing day! (ALSO READ: Jab Kajol met Karan Johar and hugged him with a heavy heart…)

When Karan and Kajol had officially announced that their 25-year old friendship was over, fans were heartbroken. The film maker had gone on record to say how he will never forgive her. “She can never come back to my life… she’s killed every bit of emotion I had for her for 25 years. I don’t think she deserves me. I feel nothing for her anymore,” KJo had said initially. However, it’s all in the past now! And we are more than happy to have them back together.

If you remember it had all started when Kajol ‘liked’ Karan’s babies pic on Insta. According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, the actress not only ‘liked’ Karan’s babies pics on Instagram the other day but also invited him to her birthday party that was held recently. She personally messaged him, asking him to join her for an intimate lunch and he instantly replied with a “Yes.” What followed was an emotional reunion with Karan and Kajol chatting up like long lost friends. Reveals a source in an interaction with Mirror, “She’s never been big on parties.It was an informal lunch. Karan sportingly turned up. They hugged, chatted for a couple of hours and Karan teared up. When he left, the ice had melted. They did not touch on the issues that had created the rift.” (ALSO READ: Revealed! The real reason behind Karan Johar and Kajol’s patch up)
Source: Rajeev Masand, Open Magazine

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