Toilet – Ek Prem Katha first review out! Akshay Kumar’s brilliant act killed by a constipated second half

Toilet – Ek Prem Katha is the next big film that we all are eagerly waiting for. In just a few hours the Akshay Kumar-starrer social drama will open in theaters in India. However, fans of the actor in UAE are luckier as they have been able to catch the film hours earlier than us. Like every time, the first review of the film has come from UAE.

Toilet – Ek Prem Katha has been directed by Sree Narayan Singh and stars Bhumi Pednekar as the female lead, opposite Akshay. Wrapped within a romantic story is a strong message-oriented tale. The movie deals with the sensitive subject of lack of toilets in rural India. As per the statistics promoted by the film, as many as 54 per cent of Indians still defecate in the open. Now, those numbers are alarming, and it is great that a movie takes up the task of addressing it. There is just as much that can go wrong with the film as it could go right. Talking about the wrongs and rights of the film is Gulf News. “The satire, which takes a nick at the unholy, but prevalent practice of open defecation in India, comes across as a star-driven propaganda vehicle,” the review opens. Ouch!

But later, in the review, there are quite a few praises for Toilet Ek Prem Katha. “Director Sree Narayan Singh has a superb knack of shrouding grim social scenarios and regressive traditions with wry humour,” the film critic points out, and further adds that Akshay-Bhumi are “charming as a couple” and their “romantic escapades are endearing.”

“The first half is smooth, but it’s the second half that gets constipated.” Yep there are going to be a lot toilet jokes in every review you read. The reviewer further adds that the premise that promises to be intriguing becomes repetitive and laboured. Some critique on the film’s editing later, the writer concludes, “While the intention of this film is noble and should be lauded, the love story gets lost in the din of indoctrinating the glorious Indian government’s honourable campaign. Watch this if you are in the mood to witness earnest acting performances, but if you are looking for a propaganda-free film, then this is not it.”

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