This film’s dismal performance at the box office has ensured more screens for a multi-starrer

Looks like a multi-starrer movie, starring a young hero, has got a new lease of life thanks to the dismal performance of a superstar’s film. This massy entertainer that released before last week received a great response at the box office. In fact, it was supposed to fare well before another film hit the theatres in the week that followed considering that the other film boasted of quite a few big names. However, seems like, with this star’s film failing to perform at the box office, the family entertainer has benefited majorly. It seems that the film distributors are now going back to the earlier released movie and the film is managing more number of screens, which is a rare phenomenon in Bollywood. The star, whose film tanked and went on to earn some terrible reviews from critics and fans on social media, wasn’t too sure about the film’s fate at the box office. A source close to the film revealed that initially the actor had planned to have a massive release, however, after going through the final cut the actor literally cut down the size of the screens to half of the original number.

The senior hero’s film has unfortunately not been received well. In fact, the actor has hit an all-time career low with this one. What’s worse is that the film’s director is also facing a lot of backlash. We hear that ahead of the film’s release the actor and the director had a major fallout. It seems that the hero felt that the filmmaker had failed to edit the story well and wasn’t too confident of the final product. The movie was supposed to resurrect the hero’s track record, however it seems like things turned out to be quite different. Now while one team is sulking over their film’s terrible fate at the box office, the other film team is happy to have found some extra screens. Like they say, one man’s loss is other man’s gain.

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