SPYder teaser: 5 similarities we found between Mahesh Babu’s thriller and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight

The second teaser of the much awaited SPYder is out, and it really looks like an exciting proposition. Directed by the blockbuster maker AR Murugadoss, SPYder stars Mahesh Babu in the lead, who plays a hi-tech spy who is out to catch a deadly villain. That deadly villain is played by actor-director SJ Suryah, whose mugshot is being avoided by the teaser. It is interesting to note that SJ Suryah had directed Mahesh Babu in 2004 flick Naani. The teaser is mostly about how these two are clashing with more prominence on Mahesh Babu’s character, with Suryah’s looming presence being found overall the teaser. Rakul Preet Singh is the female lead.

Ever since the teaser came out, fans have been drawing comparisons to the movie with Hollywood flicks, especially Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight. And we believe they are not too far from the point. Here are five scenes from the trailer that we found very similar to that of The Dark Knight.

The Joker influence…

pjimage (63)

There is no debate here that SJ Surya’s antagonist is someone who wants to spread chaos in the city through various nefarious means. And when it comes to chaos, we have to compare him with the real agent of chaos, the Joker himself. Both are looking to terrorising the city and incite fear in people, though Suryah’s character avoids facial paint. Speaking of fear and face paint…

The Scarecrow factor…

pjimage (61)

In a moment in the teaser, Suryah is seen wearing a burlap mask, a speciality of the Batman villain Scarecrow (played by Cillian Murphy) who appeared in all the three movies in the The Dark Knight Trilogy. The same scene also had Suryah rambling in fron t of a camera, which is something Joker does in The Dark Knight.

Killing cops in their precinct

pjimage (59)

The teaser for SPYder begins with cops being found dead at the police HQ, presumably the handiwork of the villain. In The Dark Knight too, Joker gets cops killed in their own precinct after getting himself deliberately caught.

The interrogation scene

pjimage (65)

Remember that iconic interrogation scene between Batman and The Dark Knight where the formers badgers the latter about the whereabouts of Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes. A similar scene also plays between Mahesh Babu’s spy and the villain in the teaser as well.


pjimage (62)

Mahesh Babu is seen hacking a few cameras and getting the visuals to multiple screens in his hideout so as to track the villain. Similarly in The Dark Knight, Batman asks Lucius Fox to hack mobile phones and get the visuals on the screens so that he can find out the Joker. Mahesh Babu’s love for techy stuff can also be attributed to Batman’s fascination for gadgets.

Thankfully, unlike Christian Bale, Mahesh Babu is neither hiding behind a mask nor growling to hide his real voice!


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