Simran trailer: Kangana Ranaut delivers inane dialogues with utmost panache and completely bowls us over

Simran has been one of Kangana Ranaut’s most-awaited films and the trailer is damn impressive. Kangana makes sure that she has your complete attention with just her dialogues, even if it is with a cheesy pick-up line. We are just loving Kangana’s character in this one. It’s someone most women can relate to and how! It breaks stereotypes and myths around women, especially divorcees. It is another Kangana film, after Queen, that, we’re hoping, is going to make a lot of difference. In fact, unlike Queen, Hansal Mehta did not have any issues to rope in producers who would finance the film.

At the launch of the trailer, Hansal said, “A narrative like Simran with a star like Kangana obviously helped gain funds. She is a fantastic actor and my producers were generous enough to let me make the movie. It so happens that the protagonist is a female.” Well, we couldn’t agree with him more. Kangana is, indeed, a rockstar. There were quite a few dialogues in the film that made us rewind and watch the trailer again and only because it made so much sense! Well, there is one cheesy pick-up line, too, that we have to consider because no one could’ve pulled it off better than her. (ALSO READ: Simran trailer: Kangana Ranaut’s film seems to be an ode to the single Indian girl who’s unapologetically herself)

Here are some lines from the Simran trailer that I absolutely loved and you should probably note it down, too.

Isse imaarte rok nahi sakti, raaste baandh nahi sakte. Yeh hawaa azaad hai


When the trailer starts with such a powerful and beautiful line, you know you’re in for a treat. There is something so empowering about that line.

Are you tired? Because you are running in my mind


Yes, this line is quite cheesy but you have to admit, it will definitely crack you up, especially since Kangana delivers it with such quirk. The best part is when she says, “I can do better but I need another chance. He left.”

Boyfriend hona koi character flaw thodi hai!


Exactly the kind of conversation you MUST have with a guy, if you are thinking of getting married to him. And she says it with such nonchalance. It draws your attention to the fact that most people rate a woman’s character based on her affairs rather than actual flaws in her personality. Sameer laughing at her after she reveals her gambling and stealing problems is proof enough.

Check out the trailer of the film if you haven’t already because we are totally loving it! Tell us what you think about it in the comments below and stay tuned with BollywoodLife for more updates.

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