Shah Rukh Khan admits he struggles to REJECT a film even if he doesn’t like the script

Everyone is complaining about the fact how Shah Rukh Khan is blinding picking up bad film scripts one after another; especially after the failure of his recent release Jab Harry Met Sejal directed by Imtiaz Ali. Although many loved watching his ageless charm on the big screen but the film got horribly trashed for it’s bad narration and a blah story. In fact, the film didn’t even manage to fare well at the box office with barely collecting about Rs 60 crore in its first week. So it was only obvious for someone to ask why is Shah Rukh not thinking wisely before signing any film?

And we found this B4U interview of Shah Rukh, when he had made a honest confession about how he still doesn’t know to say no to a director. And mind you, this interview was before JHMS hit the screens. SRK believes every director should be given a chance as he said, “I think even to the extent with some of the directors who are really famous, I have never gone back to see their films and decided. Because I think the bigger honour is with the director deciding to cast you in his dream script and saying, “Listen Shah Rukh, be a part of this film.” I think that’s a big honour and how much ever big star you maybe xyz, but I think that’s a big commitment to take that face and say, this is the guy who is going to say my lines or feel what the guy feels for the girl. If I don’t like it I can say….But you know even that takes me a long, long time to say a no. I can’t say no to people so it takes me a little while, I go round about, turn around, blah, blah, blah, take few months and I come down to it and find some excuse to not do it. It’s difficult for me because it could be just personal that I don’t like it. It could be a generic idea that might be a really wonderful story but maybe I don’t feel in that space at that point of time. But ya, it still takes me very long to say no.”

Shah Rukh’s next is with Aanand L Rai very he plays a vertically challenged person. Hopefully, this film will bring a turning point in his career. What do you think?

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