Ryan Reynolds shares the first look of Josh Brolin as Cable from Deadpool 2

We are latching on to every possible, minuscule detail about Deadpool 2, since the Ryan Reynolds’-butt-showing teaser dropped back in March. The teaser hinted the inclusion of a new superhero Cable in the new film about the Merc with a Mouth. After Names like Brad Pitt, Nathan Fillion were rumoured to be playing the awesome role, it was officially announced by Fox that Josh Brolin has been roped in. Josh also happens to be playing the ultimate villain, Thanos, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Today, we have our first full fledged look at Josh Brolin’s rendition of Cable and it is so uncannily similar to the comic book version. Full marks for the creative team for the perfect visualisation.

Ryan Reynolds took to his social media pages and shared the first looks of the Cable, and captioned one of the pictures with “We all have that one, grumpy, heavily armed Uncle from the future” and that you should all be happy that those words aren’t true. Cable is a time travelling dude, with powers of telekinesis, telepathy, technopathy. He is the son of X-Men member Cyclops. It will be great to see how Fox has fit him the narrative, and going by the first glimpse, we can assume they have done it right.

Earlier, involvement of another cool mutant was announced by the makers. Ryan took to Twitter and shared the first look at Domino, played by  Zazie Beetz. As per the source material, Domino has some unique superpowers; she can tweak probablities in her favour by doing as little as walking in a zigzag motion. Well, in simple words- she is extremely lucky.

Deadpool 2 is all slated to release on June 1, 2018.

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