Punjab Food Authority Finds that Every 28th Food-Worker is Infected with a Deadly Disease

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The Punjab Food Authority, PFA, has been on its toes since a couple of years. While a numerous of your favorite eat-outs and cafes have been heavily fined and sealed, no one focused much on the food-handlers who serve us the meals we salivate over while waiting for it to melt in our mouths. Addition to how the food industry has managed to be one of the top industries for Lahore, a number of local eateries are fined and sealed on multiple occasions.

According to the recent findings conducted by PFA, many of the food-workers are infected with some deadly disease which also infects the plates they carry. The blood screenings of 4572 waiters working in different eateries of Lahore was conducted.

According to the PFA’s study and test results, every 28th worker serving in Lahore’s eateries is carrying a deadly disease with him or herself. 756 of the tested workers were diagnosed with Hepatitis C, while 26 were diagnosed with Tuberculosis. Finally, at least 3 workers have HIV/AIDS.


The workers have been issued red cards due to their illness. However, while they have been asked to stop serving the locals, the current Director-General of PFA Mr. Noorul Amin Mengal stated, “These workers will not be left to perish on their own, they will be provided treatment at the government’s expense. Their employers will receive a follow-up visit to ensure that they are complying with the authority’s directive.”

On frontal, we see how most of the eateries with open kitchens have their workers wear plastic gloves and head masks. But do any of these famous eateries conduct any medical background check to ensure if the food-handlers and workers are not medically-infected by any condition that could contaminate the food they are serving?

The eateries need to ensure this medical aspect as well, especially after this recent findings to ensure they are not putting the lives of their consumers in jeopardy.


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