One kilogramme of heroine seized at Islamabad Airport

The Airport Security Force (ASF) on Thursday has recovered at least a kilogramme heroin from a passenger at the Islamabad Airport.

The heroine was recovered during routine checking, hidden in the passenger’s clothes. The passenger, Zabat ur Rehman, was due to travel to Jeddah on a Pakistan Internation Airlines (PIA) flight.

The accused is said to be a resident of Hangu and was handed over to the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) for further investigation.

A FIR was submitted under the Control of Narcotics Substances Act, 1997.

This is not the first time that narcotics have been seized from airports/airlines in Pakistan.

In June, 70 heroin- filled capsules were seized from a Jeddah-bound passenger. It was discovered that these capsules were filled with more than 400 grammes of heroin.

Only a week before this incident a huge “quantity of heroin” was found out on a PIA flight by British officials, after it landed at the Heathrow Airport.

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