OMG! Amit Tandon’s wife Ruby Tandon LOCKED in Dubai jail since one month

In a very shocking news we have learnt that singer turned TV actor Amit Tandon’s wife Dr Ruby is in Al Raffa Jail in Dubai. She has been kept under remand in the jail since past one month, and Amit has been unsuccessful to get her out on bail. A report carried by SpotboyE reads that Ruby has been accused, by Dubai Health Authority, of threatening some government officials. The same report also quotes a source close the couple saying that Ruby “has been framed”.

Ruby is a popular dermatologist, and has a clinic in Mumbai. Her clientele includes names like Mouni Roy, Sanjeeda Shaikh, Iqbal Khan. Ruby and Amit have been married for 10 years and have a 7-year-old daughter, who is missing her mother badly, said the actor. Amit has tried to bail her out, and after that unsuccessful attempt plans to fly out to Dubai once again.

Talking to the entertainment portal, Amit said, “I am very saddened by the developments that such a hardworking and caring woman who did her best to treat the rich, poor, and disabled to the best of her abilities and genuinely make a positive change has been put through this. Some very influential people or competitors who could not stand to see her succeed, as Dr. Ruby had begun treatments on not only Bollywood but even Hollywood celebrities, levied false accusations against her due to which the poor girl has been held in remand for almost a month. I always want to believe in the due process of law, but sadly this time Ruby is at the recieving end of it. We still hold faith that the judicial authorities will realize that she is 100 per cent innocent and let her come back,”

We will get you updates on this shocking case very soon.

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