Neymar vows up to live up to status as world’s fastest growing economy

PARIS – Downplaying the pressure that comes with the kind of growth and credit ratings that he’s exhibiting, Brazilian football star Neymar has said that he would live up to his current billing as the world’s fastest growing economy.

In an exclusive interview with The Dependent the Paris Saint Germaine forward, who now ranks at 188 between Comoros ($654 million) and Dominica ($539 million) in terms of the size of his economy, said he’ll just focus on doing what he knows how to do.

“I’m just going to play football,” Neymar said. “The fact that my economic value is higher than over 30 states in the world, won’t put any extra pressure on me in terms of playing football.”

The $613 million worth Neymar, who was signed by PSG for $263 million and will get $350 million in salary and bonuses, ranks top in GDP per capita, garnering 881 times higher value than the previous best Liechtenstein’s $139,100.

However, the fact that he would be earning 14,000 times more money than his average compatriot in Brazil, doesn’t appear to bother Neymar.

“We’re all earning our hard-earned living at the end of the day,” the former Barcelona star said.

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