Teams With Nonprofit ‘Do Something’ For Creator Networking Event

Do Something, the global nonprofit that mobilizes young people to participate in a whole host of different charitable initiatives, partnered with buzzy lip-synching app last Friday to host a New York City mixer event.

During the gathering at Do Something’s Manhattan headquarters, some of the biggest names in not only seized valuable networking opportunities, but also learned about Do Something’s latest Treat Yo Friends initiative. Treat Yo Friends, an anti-bullying campaign, asks volunteers to create coupon booklets celebrating the things that make their friends unique. During the event, some of the roughly 65 stars in attendance shared posts about the initiative with their millions of collective followers. hosts weekly networking events at its Los Angeles offices, but this is the first time that it has ever done so on the east coast. Two of the creators in attendance were George Padilla (1.6 million fans) and Violet Summersby (490,000 fans), who, in addition to being creators are themselves the founders of a event business called Muser Movement.


Padilla (pictured above) and Summersby tell Tubefilter that being able to network with fellow creators marks an invaluable gift — made even more fruitful given the event’s altruistic component. During the mingler, they said, creators swapped tips about careers, contracts, equipment, and more; planned future collabs in order to mutually grow one another’s audiences; and also discussed the latest industry gossip and trends.

Other creators in attendance included Tony Buda (635,000 followers), Erick Sykes (376,000 followers), Nick Cornier (247,000 followers), and Nile Bullock (206,000 followers).

Because Do Something targets teens and creates action-based initiatives that don’t require money, influencers have become critical to its mission, CMO Michele Fino tells Tubefilter. The organization, which counts 5.5 million members to date, has collaborated with the likes of iJustine, Kingsley, Jenn McAllister, Tyler Oakley, and Ingrid Nilsen.

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