Kumkum Bhagya 9th August 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Abhi is confused about why Pragya is going away from him

Kumkum Bhagya  starts with Disha (Ruchi Savarn) and Sangram Singh getting married while Disha seems lost and she does not give her hands to Sangram. Her Bua steps in and places her hand in Sangram;’s hand. Disha cries as she remembers Purab(Vin Rana) as Purab out of the trap also searches for Disha. Purab is stopped by a goon as he plans to go to the mandap. He beats up the goon and calls up Abhi(Shabbir Ahluwalia) who is actually missing Purab as he cannot seem to do a work without Purab. Abhi gets excited when Purab tells him about Disha as he thinks he likes Disha. Abhi does not hear anything Purab says due to bad network. Abhi tries calling Purab again while Purab plans to do something before Disha gets married. Purab again sees a goon and they fight, Purab manages to put the person aside. Purab thinks about Disha and decides he has to save Disha at all costs even without Abhi’s help. Disha prays to God as the last resort.(Also Read: Purab escapes from Sangram’s trap)

Abhi keeps trying to call Purab and Dadi asks Abhi to get Purab a nice girl who would take care of him. Aliya hears this and is happy that now is her chance to get married to Purab. Sangram’s coat gets dirty as a birds shits on him and he gets irritated and he decides to change his dress. Sangram goes inside to get his dress cleaned up. Munni(Sriti Jha) is busy chasing a cockroach when Abhi comes to her room and asks her how her leg is. Munni hides behind a newspaper and gives one word answers. Abhi gets irritated and asks her why she is avoiding him. He goes away in anger and thinks why Pragya is doing this to him and he suddenly sees the magalsutra there, he gets sad thinking how things have changed between them. He decides to ask Munni what the matter is and he comes out to see she is still behind the newspaper. He asks her why she is not even talking to him and why she has changed. He asks her to talk to him as a friend and tell her why she is going away. He snatches the newspaper away and sees that she has dozed off. Abhi hits his leg as he walks down and Aliya fusses over him, he asks her to stay away from him. Aliya thinks that however angry he is he will have to get her married to Purab.

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