Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th August 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Devakshi worried about going wrong in parenting, while Vicky risks the kids’ future in his revenge

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has pair of worried parents who try tackling their 7years old who suddenly seems to have taken a U -turn from mature and understanding to stubborn and difficult. Dev(Shaheer Sheikh) reaches his room trying to speak to an angry Sona (Erica Fernandes) , she avoids him and when he forces her to talk she says that what he did was wrong as how would he feel if Suhana was carried away like he carried Golu home today. Dev got restless hearing that but he says he has loved Golu the most and he admits that his way of doing what he did was wrong but everybody was so happy. Sona walks away saying that one line that floors Mr. Dixit always ‘Tumi ekdom Impossible Mr. Obhodro‘ , he loses the track of their fight and asks her to not be so cute as he lost the flow of the argument-isn’t he the cutest!!! Sona allows Saurabh to take her room and convert it to a nursery as she too loves the coming baby. Sona takes her mom away as they look at Sona’s old things packed in boxes. Asha(Moon Bannerjee) asks her what the matter is and Sona says she feels their role as parents is lagging somewhere.

Asha being the mother-goals that she is tells Sona that husband and wife are called better halves because they actually are each other’s ‘better halves’, they complete each other and it is good to fight as fighting teaches them to forgive and grow. Sona reaches back home and sits sorting the things as Dev walks in and asks her what more does he not know of her and Sona says she wants Soha to have only good memories. Dev promises that she will have loads of good memories and no bad ones. Radha Rani(Alka Mogha) tells Mamaji that she would rather leave her husband and be with her child than live like this in her old age. Sona hears her and feels sad. That night Sona tries convincing Dev about getting Vicky back but he refuses to hear about it and asks her what guarantee she can give that Vicky has changed. Dev says he would prove to Suhana that they are the best parents. Sona thinks that if they can prove that to her then that would be the best gift for Suhana’s birthday.(Also Read: Sonakshi worried over Suhana while Dev wants Golu back)

Next day Sona is busy making a checklist for Suhana’s birthday celebration and does not let work come in between. Dev is at Suhana’s school to get her friends’ phone numbers, the teacher takes the opportunity to tell him about Golu and Suhana’s attendance. She tells them that Golu and Suhana have been taking frequent leaves and moreover they are not present in school even today. Dev is shocked at the knowledge. Sona too arrives at the school after getting a call from the teacher. They take Suhana and drive home. Devakshi try to speak to Suhana about school and the child lies to their questions worrying them even more. Sona stops Dev from confronting their daughter right then. Sona asks Dev to drop her right there as she has some work and she send Dev and Soha away. Sona reaches Vicky’s house and tries to convince them to come back home again. Vicky behaves very nice and says Dev will not like it and so he won’t.He adds that Dev is not wrong to think what he does. Later that night Sona speaks to Ishwari (Supriya Pilgaonkar) about this and asks her to convince Dev to get Vicky back as Vicky is actually trying to change. Dev stands right at the door listening to them.

Precap: Dev and Sona fight over making a cake for Soha but Vicky and Golu meet her in her room for her birthday before her parents can.




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