Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th August 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Sonakshi worried over Suhana while Dev wants Golu back

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi today breaks our hearts as we see Devakshi for once totally helpless and we cannot blame them as when it comes to their kids they indeed have no answers to give. Soha refuses to speak to her parents especially Dev(Shaheer Sheikh) and Ishwari(Supriya Pilgaonkar) tries to put her to sleep as she repeats the story Dev tells her to Soha. Dev and Sona(Erica Fernandes) sit with each other and Sona says he indeed tells good stories. She forces him to have food even as he does not want to. Ishwari tells Dev that Soha will be happy only if her brother returns home and so will Dev be happy when Vicky(Vaibhav Singh) returns home. Dev reaches Golu’s school next day and tries to convince him to come home with him but Golu is in no mood to forgive his Bigcha for not stopping him. Golu says Elena(Prerna Panwar) had asked him not to go with Dev. Sona tries too from her end to convince Elena but she seems to be ion no mood to listen to her plus Vicky adds oil to the fire by acting too sweet and also asking Golu to go and meet everyone. Elena puts her condition that she would come home only if Dev accepts Vicky back.(Also Read: Dev broken on losing Golu, Sona consoles her Dev, Vicky happy to have hurt Dev finally)

Sona tries convincing Soha to go to school but she seems to be a very difficult child now, she says she would not go to school without Golu and also she asks Sona to go as she usually does not have time for her. Sona sees Dev walking out in casuals and asks him where he is off to, he says he has a meeting. Dev meets Golu at the school in his old style, with bike. Golu is distracted for a while but then soon says he is not supposed to talk to Dev. Dev follows him around and says he has not pursued Golu’s Bigchi this much and kidnaps Golu. They enjoy their ride and reach home. Everyone is surprised seeing them and Sona tells Ishwari she knew that Dev would make things fine. Ishwari though seems to see through Dev and Dev also cannot make eye contact with his mother. As they walk in Vicky comes there and says Golu was taken by Dev without informing them and Elena has been worried. He asks Dev to let Golu go with him. Dev says he will drop the kids to school but before they can finish the argument Soha and Golu are ready for school and Soha asks Vicky to drop them school. Dev is pained and shocked.

Precap: The teacher informs Dev that Soha and Golu have been bunking school and have not reached school even today. Dev and Sona try talking to Soha but Soha coolly lies to her parents.

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