Kasam-Tere Pyar Ki 7th August 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Rano forbids Natasha from entering Bedi house again

Kasam-Tere Pyar Ki starts with the children saved and Natasha calls Ahana Masi as everyone is surprised, Manpreet says he asked her to call Ahana Masi. They come down as Tanuja(Kratika Sengar) tells Abhishek(Amit Tandon) that they should leave now. Bauji stops them saying they should have dinner and then go as their is a storm outside. Tanuja remembers the time when Bauji had stopped her in the past and she decides to stay back for dinner. During the dinner Tanuja searches for Rishi(Sharad Malhotra) and he is happy about it as he flirts with here over the table. Later Tanuja serves Rishi dal which he relishes. Tanuja stops Bauji from having achar and he says he remembered his daughter as she used to do the same. Tanuja says she learnt about his blood pressure from Ahana. Abhishek gets Kanika’s call but decides to not meet her that night as he sees Tanuja is very happy. He promises to meet her dayafter.(Also Read: Rishi and Tanuja save Natasha when she gets trapped in a water tank)

Tanuja goes to get desert and meets Rishi in the kitchen. Rishi tells her that if he even for a moment thought that she really loved her so called husband he would never come into her life again but he knows even after seven years she still loves him. Abhishek meets them there with Ahana as Ahana praises Abhishek irritating Rishi further while Abhishek wonders what is wrong with him. Abhishek and Tanuja leave for their home. At home Abhishek is very angry with Tanuja for taking Tanya’s side and says that Tanya pushes Natasha into the tank. He says he would be very bad to anyone who harms his daughter even if it is Tanuja herself. Tanuja apologises to Abhishek and promises that she would do as he wishes from now on. There Rishi tries to make Tanya understand that Natasha is also a small girl like herself but Tanya gets angry saying he is Natasha’s dad. Netra confronts Rishi on taking Natasha’s side and says she will not forgive him if he hurts her daughter. Rishi apologises too and Rano sees this all. Rano calls for a family meeting and announces that Natasha will never step into the house anymore.

Precap: Abhishek asks Tanuja whom she likes more him or Rishi.


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