Ishqbaaz 9 August 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Shivaay’s car meets with a deadly accident; Anika puts up a brave front before Saahil

Ishqbaaz starts with the footage of a car blast. We see a man with three rings. Later on, we see Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) driving on a road, he gets hit by a bullet and the car blasts into pieces. Anika (Surbhi Chandna) feels something is wrong and gets worried. She cries out Shivaay and runs of the room. Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) meets her in the corridor and asks what happened. She says I got a very bad feeling about him. Omkara says I will call Shivaay. They are unable to get throught to him. Anika gets worried. Daadi also tells Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) to call Shivaay but he is not picking up calls. Pinky (Nikita Anand) tells Ragini (Additi Gupta) that she is happy about Anika – Vikram’s engagement. Gauri (Shrenu Parikh) tells Bhavya (Mansi Srivastava) we will stop the engagement at any costs. Omkara tells the decorators to stop their work. Ragini says Shivaay wants the place decked up. Omkara tells her to shut up. Daadi also tells Pinky to be quiet when she talks about SSO-Anika’s separation. Pinky has an argument with Omkara who tells her that his brother is very precious to him. The news of Shivaay’s car meeting with an accident makes it on national headlines. Bhavya says it is my car. Rudra says who was driving your car? She says SSO took my car and went. Ragini gets perplexed. Anika is shattered and runs out of the house. (Also Read: After Hina Khan – Rocky Jaiswal, Ishqbaaz’s Nakuul Mehta goes on a romantic getaway with his wife Jankee – view pics)

Omkara and Rudra console her. The security tell Omkara that SSO indeed took Bhavya’s car and he droved off in a stressed state. Pinky blames Anika for the mess and says he left home disturbed because of you. She yells at her for ruining Shivaay’s life. Angry Pinky is about to grab Anika’s hand to throw her out. Omkara grabs it and tells her to relax. Infuriated, Pinky tells OmRu to leave her. Anika says nothing will happen to Shivaay. Pinky weeps bitterly. Shakti tells Rudra to get in touch with Khanna. Pinky blames Anika non-stop and Daadi tells her to shut up. Shocked, Anika collapses on the floor. She asks them to tell her that he is fine. Om tells her that they will look for him and everything will be fine. Gauri consoles Anika while Bhavya thinks it is Sultan who attacked her car. (Also Read: Ishqbaaz: Anika dances with Bareilly Ki Barfi stars Kriti Sanon, Rajkummar Rao, Ayushmann Khurrana in her engagement ceremony – view pics)

Bhavya thinks it must be Sultan who did this. She understands that he got attacked instead of her. She remembers her childhood when her family got killed in a car blast. Shocked, Bhavya thinks she cannot history repeat itself. She weeps bitterly. Daadi consoles Anika saying everything will be fine. Anika says she is scared. Daadi says OmRu will find him. Anika tells Daadi that Pinky is right in calling her a bad influence on Shivaay. Daadi tells Anika to shut up, saying she brought back the old Shivaay. Daadi tells her that ShiVika are made for each other. Anika says why doesn’t fate support our love ever? Daadi says fortune is a fluctuating thing. It changes in time. OmRu tell Anika that Shivaay was in the car during the accident, only the driver was there. Omkara tells her that SSO forgot his phone home. Rudra says police is hunting for him. Anika says why is he not coming home or making a call? She says she is stressed. Omkara says Khanna is with him and they are expecting his call.

Saahil comes home and hugs Anika. He asks them why they look so sad? Rudra says we are surprised not sad. Saahil asks Anika why is she crying? Anika says she missed him a lot. Saahil says you knew I was coming. Anika says at times, hope is not enough, you need to see a person. Saahil asks about SSO and heads off to Shivaay’s room to meet him. He finds the room empty. Anika tells OmRu that how will she tell Saahil about Shivaay going missing? OmRu tell Anika that they will distract him. She says he is small but very intuitive. Rudra says I will manage you. He tells Saahil that SSO has gone to office. Saahil gets upset and says I told him I was coming home, then why did he go today. Saahil tells them that it is Raksha Bandhan and a holiday. Rudra says I forgot as I was stressed. Omkara asks Saahil if he remembers what happened last year on Rakhi. He says yes, I remember you brothers tying a Rakhi to him. A flashback is shown. Saahil asks them if they have tied Rakhi to him already. Rudra excuses himself. Omkara tells him to sit down and he will come after making a call. Saahil asks Anika if they are hiding something from him. Anika says you have become a detective like me. Saahil asks her if she forgot that it is Raksha Bandhan today.

Rudra gets worried and wonders if something really happened to SSO. Omkara tells him to shut up and says he is fine. He says Shivaay will come soon as we have to lot to live for. Rudra says you’re right as SSO always says that Shivaay cannot ever leave OmRu. Svetlana has locked herself up inside a closet. Jhanvi opens the door and tells her that Tej’s spirit might be after her. Svetlana says you murdered him and not me. Jhanvi says maybe Tej’s spirit wants something from you. Saahil is playing quietly when Gauri goes to cheer him up. He says I am more excited about Rakhi than I am for my birthday but this year there are no celebrations. He says Shivaay is not here too. Gauri says we are making preparations secretly. He cheers up and says I hope SSO is back by them. Omkara tells Anika that the commissioner has deployed a search team for Shivaay. Anika says we have to do something.

She asks Rudra about Bhavya and he says she is missing. Anika blames herself saying her fake fiance drama was responsible for this mess. Gauri walks in and says bade bhaiyya is fine. She tells her to keep faith. Omkara asks Gauri about Saahil. She says we have to stay normal for him. She tells Anika to tie Rakhi on Saahil. Gauri says we should not snatch Saahil’s happiness. Omkara says Gauri is right. Rudra says he will go to search for Bhavya. Anika says even Shivaay would want Saahil’s happiness. Jhanvi calls a psychic to Svetlana’s room to find out if it is haunted. The woman takes a tour of the room and says a man was murdered here. Jhanvi tells her the spirit is tormenting them. The woman says I cannot help. She says he has unfinished business, which he wants to complete. He will leave post that. Svetlana asks why am I being disturbed when Jhanvi is the killer? Jhanvi smiles at the woman. Rudra calls up Bhavya but she has left her phone behind. At night, Svetlana hears Tej’s voice. There is unusual activity in her room. Svetlana asks him what he wants. Anika comes down with Rakhi thaali. Saahil says how can we start without SSO? Omkara says he is caught up in meeting, so he will be late. Rudra says we will not wait. He says we don’t care for it. Omkara says he is a workaholic.

A flashback is shown when Om says Shivaay rescued him from smuggling charge. Rudra says let him come, we will ask him for double gifts. Anika says only we worry about him but he does not care. She remembers all their moments and gets teary-eyed. Saahil says we will punish SSO for coming late, I will tell him to make chowmein. Anika celebrates Rakhi with Saahil. Everyone in the room is very emotional. Gauri gets gifts for Saahil. She tells him that Shivaay will gift him separately. Gauri tells Rudra to click a picture of the two. He clicks and excuses himself. Svetlana runs out of the room to another place. The doors automatically shut. She has a nervous breakdown. She says Jhanvi killed you, not me, so why are you harassing me? She asks Tej what he wants. The place lights up and it is written Sab Kuch.

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