Ishqbaaz 7 August 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Omkara tells Gauri that she is his inspiration

Ishqbaaz starts with Gauri (Shrenu Parikh) waiting at the bus stop. Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) asks her if she will come back or not. She says it is no use as he does not love me. Omkara is calling SSO for the exhibition. Shivaay tells Gauri to come and see what Omkara has made for the exhibition. She is hesitant. Anika (Surbhi Chandna) and Shivaay met in the corridor where he corners her about her fiance. She says that Vikram is very nice and loves me a lot. Shivaay says when is he coming. She says he is abroad and will come soon. He constantly asks her when is he coming? She evades it. They have a banter. Anika tells him that he has a private chopper. He says that means he can come anytime. Anika says I have told him not to use the helicopter. She says he cannot come. Shivaay says he is here, your fiance. Vikram walks in and Anika is shocked. The guys exchange pleasantries. Shivaay mocks Anika. She has a shocked expression. He tells Vikram that Anika is full of praise for you. He thanks him for coming.

Vikram says I had to come if Shivaay Oberoi called. Vikram tells Anika that why she did not tell SSO that they were engaged. Shivaay starts coughing. Shivaay asks Rudra what is happening? He tells Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) that I called Anika’s so called fiance and found that they are actually engaged. Vikram tells Anika that he lied that they were engaged. She asks him why did he do so? Shivaay tells Rudra that he is annoyed on seeing his physical proximity with Anika. Vikram says he overheard the conversation and decided to help her. He says you also helped me by taking me to the hospital. He says he has no motive behind helping her. Rudra tells him that they are both acting. Shivaay wonders why he will help Anika in such a game. Thrilled Anika says I will continue this game forward. SSO and Anika’s tashan continues. Gauri reaches the gallery and secretly sees Omkara.

She sees that he had made her paintings. Anika thanks Vikram who says he has to leave. Anika says he is leaving for dinner meeting. Shivaay says let us do dinner together. Vikram agrees. Anika says why did you agree. He says if I refused he would doubt us. At the dinner table, he asks when they are planning to get married. Anika and Vikram evade it but Shivaay insists that they marry in a couple of weeks. Anika says she cannot get hitched in two weeks time. Vikram also gets hesitant and Shivaay taunts them. Anika says we are serious about the marriage. Shivaay says don’t worry I will make all arrangements for your marriage. Anika says you are in hurry and says if you wish so, I will marry in two weeks. Shivaay feels hurt and Anika announces strongly that she will marry.

At the exhibition, Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) sees Gauri and is moved. He goes behind her but she tries to escape. They see each other and have an eyelock. He asks her if she came to see the show. Omkara asks her why did she leave? She says I have no place in your heart. Omkara says I have understood that I was wrong. He shows her the paintings and says this is because of your inspiration. Rudra is angrily breaking eggs when Bhavya walks in. He is happy to see her. She asks for the chip.

At night, Svetlana hears creaking noises and gets scared. She wakes up Jhanvi and asks about the noise. Jhanvi says she cannot hear any noise. She tries to manage her. Omkara is unable to confess his feelings and Gauri regrets coming there. He holds her hand and says without you the show would be incomplete. Saathiya plays. He thanks her for being his inspiration. Gauri says now I understood what you wanted to say. She says my departure brought out the artiste in you and I am thankful. A man calls him and Gauri leaves. Rudra tells Bhavya she missed a clue. He plays the video and shows a clue. Bhavya days you are not as dumb as I thought. Rudra says I am smarter than you think. He says if we work on the case together we will get faster results. He tells her to be home with him and solve the case. Bhavya agrees. She says Shivaay told me to stay here. Svetlana is shit scared. Tej comes again as ghost and scares her. She runs away. Om asks Rudra why did she leave if she had to return. Rudra says his problem is also big but promises to help him. He tells him to ignore Gauri and he will see how she returns to him. Om is unimpressed and calls Rudra a dumbo.

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