Claimants of new Pakistan have defaced the country: Shehbaz Sharif

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that there is no room for political jugglers in Pakistani politics, adding that claimants of new Pakistan have defaced the country. Deceits, sit-ins and unsubstantiated accusations have become the pivot of their politics.

Similarly, U-turns, mendacity and double standards in every matter are their routine, he said. These elements have promoted mores of allegations, vilifications and misbehaviour in the politics. Niazi and party are indulged in conspiracies and allegations against the incumbent government from the day one and creating hurdles in national development have become their routine, he further said.

The CM also said that Nawaz Sharif continued the development process without taking care of the accusations. The high position attained by Pakistan during the last four years is evident before all of us, he said. Nawaz Sharif has made numerous historic steps for making Pakistan stronger and peaceful and he lives in the hearts of 20 crore Pakistanis due to his love for country and the people, said Shehbaz Sharif. His selection for prime ministership for three times show people’s tremendous love and confidence over him, he said.

In a statement issued today, the CM said that people are sick of the elements involved in unwanted show and politics of deceit. They have rejected political conjurers during the last elections and these elements will meet the same fate in future, as well. He said the country does not belong to any single party; it is the duty of everybody to make it stronger and prosperous by working jointly.

We owe everything to Pakistan including our politics; any effort to promote anarchy and chaos in the name of development and prosperity would tantamount to enmity with the country, he said. The elements trying to sabotage the development process should realise facts because people have rejected the politics of hate, he further said.

The chief minister said that Pakistan has been put on the road to development and prosperity due to the untiring efforts of PML-N leadership. He said that PML-N is the guarantor of development and prosperity and due to its politics of public service, PML-N will emerge as a stronger party in the next elections.

The CM added that PML-N is a centre of hope for the people and added that peaceful, developed and prosperous Pakistan is our mission. It is the habit of ‘sit-in party’ to adopt the culture of abusive language, name calling and accusations, he said. The opponents have done nothing during the last four years except promoting chaos and anarchy in the country. The people are fully aware of their inner motives; therefore, they have been defeated at every front, he said. He said that the elements damaging the development process through the politics of anarchy will not escape the anger of the people and the masses will punish the anti-development elements through the power of their vote.


The CM has paid rich tributes to the bravery and valour of Major Ali Salman and three jawans of Pak-Army who have embraced martyrdom during an operation against the terrorists in Timergara area of Upper Dir. He extended sympathies to the bereaved families and said that Major Ali Salman, Havaldar Ghulam Nazir, Havaldar Akhtar and Sepoy Abdul Karim have embraced martyrdom by bravely fighting the terrorists and the whole nation is proud of her brave sons who have sacrificed their lives for the country. He said the nation salutes the bravery of these martyrs who have sacrificed their precious lives for the secure tomorrow of the country and added that they are our heroes and their great sacrifices will not go waste.

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