Centre has deprived provinces of NFC award: Aajiz Dhamrah

HYDERABAD: After the verdict of the apex court of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif has been disqualified but democracy is yet intact.

These views were expressed by Sindh Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Information Secretary Senator Aajiz Dhamrah during a press conference in Hyderabad on Monday.

Holding a press conference, he said that the provinces were deprived of NFC award and the governor’s role is important in getting it but he was beating about the bush.

He urged the governor to play his role by demanding from the federal government an immediate provision of NFC awards to the provinces and also he must assure the people of Sindh that he would tackle this issue with the federal government on a priority basis.

Dhamrah said that if the federal government can’t provide an additional amount to the province than it has no authority to deduct. The provinces were being punished since 2015, he added.

The senator said that the province has made no progress under the current governor.

Dhamrah went on to criticise the Sindh governor and federal government and asked why did federal government deliberately delayed the ICC meeting.

He said that the federal government made no progress as its all focus was on Panama Papers case and it has only deceived people by telling them that they would initiate motorway project for the province.

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