Beyhadh 9th August 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Maya orders Saanjh to be strangled as a punishment for Ayaan’s anger

Beyhadh starts with Maya(Jennifer Winget) getting  back to making everyone’s life hell. She meets her mother Jahnvi(Kavita Ghai) and asks her to bless her to be able to remove her enemies from her way. She says she has had enough of drama and now they should go home. As she prepares to take Jhanvi away, Jahnvi faints and they all take her to the hospital. Maya is careless and totally at ease as she demands Shubh to get her water when Shubh refuses she threatens to hurt Saanjh(Aneri Vajani). Shubh gets her water and the doctor says Jahnvi got a mild shock and that she is fine. Arjun(Kushal Tandon) wants to stay in the hospital but Maya does not allow that and she shows him another video of Saanjh being tortured. Suman begs Maya to leave Saanjh as Arjun sends the video to himself. Maya nonchalantly walks away asking Arjun to get home with her. They reach home as Suman and Shubh again request Maya to let go of Saanjh. Maya asks Arjun to give her his phone and says she saw him sending himself the video. (Also Read: Maya gets the tables turned in her favour once again)

She takes his phone and tells him he is not playing with a amateur player and that he has not known her properly. She says he will not be able to see anything more than Saanjh in the video. Arjun finds himself helpless before this Maya that he sees. Ayaan is released from jail as Ranvir tells him Maya is alive and with his brother and also that Samay had kidnapped her. Ayaan gets tensed by this information and rushes home. Ranvir thinks about how everything is strangely linked to Maya Sharma in this case. Maya sees Arjun in pain as he catches his stomach, she asks him about it as Arjun pushes her away.  She tries to get close to Arjun but then says she would one day take what is hers as his wife. Arjun goes to the washroom as he thinks how he can get rid of Maya. He hears Maya scream for help and runs out to see Ayaan trying to strangle her. He and Suman free Maya by telling him that Saanjh is kidnapped by Maya. Ayaan is shocked. Maya now decides to punish Saanjh for this as she calls the person to punish Saanjh. Saanjh is strangled with a rope as Arjun begs her to stop. Maya tells Ayaan to be careful next time as Ayaan wonders how Maya won again.

Precap: Maya tells Ayaan she is in a habit of winning, Maya tells Arjun that Saanjh is in this city itself.

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