Beyhadh 8th August 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Maya gets the tables turned in her favour once again

Beyhadh  today again brings the game back into Maya’s (Jennifer Winget) hands and how! Arjun (Kushal Tandon) and Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) are seen together as Arjun cares for her wounds and also remembers the time they spent together and tells her that if something happens to her he feels nothing is right. The police arrive led by Ranvir and they warn Arjun to come out as he does not they break in and soon arrive at Samay’s/ Rajeev’s(Piyush Sahdev) dead body-yes once again. They see Arjun standing near it with a bloodstained knife in his hand. Arjun seems lost and tranced. Ranvir asks him what is going on and threatens to shoot but Maya interrupts. Ranvir is shocked to see her and asks her how she is alive. Maya explains that it was all Rajeev’s doing and that he had faked her death and then kidnapped her as he was obsessed with her. Now Arjun had arrived in time to save her and killed Samay. Ranvir asks Arjun if that is true, Arjun still does not speak. Ranvir tries again and to this Arjun says yes that is what happened and he had to kill Samay to save his love.(Also Read: Arjun and Samay vent out their anger on the woman they both loved- Maya)

Maya hugs Arjun as Arjun seem like he has been statue-d . Ranvir asks Arjun where Saanjh is and Maya acts ignorant asking if Saanjh was here, she tells the police Arjun came here alone to save her. Ranvir orders the room to be searched and they find nothing. Maya requests him to take her home as she has been imprisoned here long by Rajeev and now she wants to get out of here. Ranvir tells her he will do that and also tells Arjun that he is sorry for misunderstanding him and also that e was going to make a big mistake. As Ranvir moves away Arjun threatens to kill Maya if anything happened to his Dusky and refuses to go with her without Saanjh. Maya tells him that Saanjh will reach Mumbai before they themselves do. She tells him that till the time he is good to her Saanjh would be alive and the moment he is not she will die. They reach home to a Suman who is eagerly waiting to welcome Saanjh and Arjun but are shocked to find Maya. Suman asks them where her daughter is and threatens to kill Maya but Maya pushes her away and tells her that Saanjh would be happy till she stays away from Maya orelse she would beat her up. She shows them a video of Saanjh being bound and screaming for help.

Precap: Ayaan strangles Maya as Arjun stops him saying Saanjh is with her and Saanjh is being tortured by someone.

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