Beyhadh 7th August 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Arjun and Samay vent out their anger on the woman they both loved- Maya

Beyhadh starts with Samay(Piyush Sahdev) and Arjun(Kushal Tandon)  together managing to finally tie up the one woman who tied them both without much efforts all this while-Maya(Jennifer Winget) while Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) looks on. Samay tells Maya that he never shot Saanjh and it was just made up and he was with Arjun and Saanjh all this while. They reveal how Samay had actually intended to kill Saanjh but then Saanjh makes him see an important point. She asks him why would Maya take all this effort for Arjun and end up killing him. She asks him to try it her way once and just tie them up and take them to Maya but tell her that he killed them both, then if Maya is happy with him then he can kill them both. Samay takes the suggestion and the rest is as we say history! Now Maya shouts at Samay and tells him he was mad to think she could ever love him. Samay raises his hand to slap her but Arjun stops him and says that he should not take efforts to strike dirt and dirty his own hands. (Also Read: Samay,Saanjh and Arjun together subdue Maya)

They sit there waiting for police as Saanjh feels drained and Arjun calls up Suman to cheer her up. Suman is elated to hear that Maya is caught and as they celebrate she sees Jahnvi behind her and says she should think above being a mother and stand with the truth. Jahnvi signals to agree. Suman lights diyas infront of Vandana and Prem’s pictures and says now they can finally have Maya out of their lives forever. Samay seeks forgiveness of Saanjh and Arjun but Arjun seems to have his concentration trained on hating Maya only, he tells Samay whatever he did was due to Maya-well really?!why do we feel its a speedy attempt at wrap up! Saanjh and Arjun are all lovey-dovey as Samay feels jealous of Arjun as he has Saanjh-ugh seriously!! Arjun hugs Samay as they enter the zone of friendship-and we are so dead!!! come on have we forgotten this guy killed Prem and Maya did not ask him to do that!! Saanjh faints behind these two new friends and Arjun takes her inside for rest as Samay decides to keep watch on the ‘Chudail’-as they say. Maya-who seems to be the only one connected to the storyline right now- thinks Arjun should not have done this to her.

Precap: Police arrive but they see a dead Samay with Arjun right behind with a knife in his hand.



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